School of Ministry


YOU ARE Called.

TPI SCHOOL OF MINISTRY Guides and motivated Christian Leaders who lack the training they need to be more effective leaders.

We can do this through the passion of generous partners who support these revolutionary, free, online college- classes degrees.

Our School of Ministry and Mission programs equip ministers called to the 5-fold ministry.

This School of Ministry curriculum included missions work, and ministry work.

Our School of Ministry Classes are open to the public and are offered quarterly offering great flexibility for your schedule.

Enhance your knowledge of the Word, and grow closer to God.

Students will be prepared to share the Gospel everywhere they go with signs, wonders and miracles following, healing the sick, setting the oppressed free and being used by the Lord to transform the lives of many.

The curriculum for the School of Ministry is comprised of six months programs:
The six months Bible training program and the ministerial school.

The program is designed to challenge students to think beyond their own limitations and discover the vision that God has for them for ministry.

The curriculum, faculty members, and staff have all been carefully selected to impart the faith, wisdom, and vision required to build supernatural ministries founded on the Word of God.

The six months program runs annually from April through September and culminates in a graduation ceremony where a certificate of completion is presented by TPI.

Simply enroll in our free getting started class.
After you finish and pass this class, you will be able to take all the education classes we offer.

You do not need a high school degree, but you must complete this getting started class.
The school of Ministry Center is made up of two distinct programs. The Bible Training Classes are offered each quarter to disciple and empower Believers to live victoriously. Classes are open to the public and run in six months cycles.

Our six-month ministerial school targets ministers who are already working in part-time or full-time ministry, about to start their own ministries, or are graduates of the six-months program.

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