Our Objectives


• To provide a platform and an environment where churches, ministries and laity of like minds can convene for the purpose of empowerment, equipping and facilitating them to establish Kingdom dominion in the Earth.
 Raising Disciples all over Africa with an enriching discipleship.
 To Nurture the growth and multiplication of churches in Africa, through the development and support for the practical needs in the church.
 To be a base-station for Gospel Ministers in Africa; to minister the Gospel allover Africa and the World at Large.
 To Provide a platform for ministering in place other than your base-station.
 To Assist Gospel Ministers in accessing financial retirement packages for sustaining their families, in case of untimely Death or Disability of a Minister.
 To Assist through networking Bigger Churches, help the Smaller once inerecting churches and building structures for Gospel Ministries in Africa.
 To Assist in securing Health Services that will facilitate medical delivery fo them and their families.
 To Provide Skill Training to local churches, Youth and the Unemployed people by networking them to other NGO’S Specialized Programs.
 To Provide Community with Impactful Programs that will make the Gospel relevant in every Community. (Meeting the needs of the people through a live changing program.)
• We aspire to promulgate the Kingdom of God by working cooperatively and corporally. 

• Our standards of operation and principles flow directly from the Bible – the Word of God.
• To build strong churches we need strong leaders; we need to help new believers grow in their faith; and we need to stay charged ourselves. 
Here are some resources to grow.
• To provide relationship-building opportunities for the fulfillment