How we function


As an TPI Member, you’re on your way to fulfilling your vision.
As an TPI you are a referrer, an inviter.
You are expected to invite others to TPI Meetings, where our Coordinators explains and expound on the opportunities and benefits, the Ministers you have invited stands to gain with TPI.
It is important to keep in touch and follow up with the people you have introduced, because the more successful they become, the more successful you become also.

In TPI, we are families, an instrument to every one’s success.
Our relationships need to be realistically defined and we operate together much like a transport system with linking nodes. 
Through our personal relationships we link with others in the TPI family.

We are joined primarily for what we can contribute to building the family, rather than what we can receive, knowing that the ethos of servant hood will ensure we build prevailing Churches that are sustainable in every circumstance.